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Head in the Sand

This is old news that refuses to die but it still annoys me and reaffirms my belief that the network operators will end up going the way of CompuServe and AOL by simply being the 'dumb pipes' of the mobile world. There's a massive sea change going on in mobile (led by the iPhone) and the Sprint CEO claims that Android isn't good enough for the Sprint brand while the embarrassingly flawed Samsung Instinct is their premier device. Does he have his head in the sand? This from a company teetering on the edge of obscurity.


C. Enrique Ortiz declares...

When I saw the above quote from the CEO of Sprint, I decided to move to a new network provider (after many years with them); I moved to T-Mobile and got the G1.

But I was at the Sprint PCS wireless conference this past week, and while they didn't announce an Android phone, the main theme of the conference was "open" and even Rich Miner (head of Android) was a keynote speaker -- so reading between the lines, I am predicting an Android Sprint phone next year...


Date Sun, 14 Dec 2008 at 14:44:15

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